Connect with Russian national treasure artist Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli

2020-11-30 15:21:00

On November 30th, our company cooperated with Yantai Development Zone and the Chairman of the Russian Academy of Arts and National Treasure Artist Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli to share the natural environment and customs of Yantai and discuss oil painting , Prospects for cooperation in the field of sculpture, Vasily, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Voloja, Vice President of the Eastern European Modern Culture Council, and other Russian art experts participated in this video connection.

Video connection

Paintings of Moscow Zurab Tsereteli Art Museum - Huadi Photography
During the connection, the representative of our company, Mr. Zhan Zhenyang, introduced the development zone's natural resources, seaside environment, cultural industry development and planning in detail to the Russian side, and sincerely invited Mr. Zurab to come to create, and hold a exhibition after the epidemic is over. Mr. Zurab expressed his gratitude to the development zone for its careful promotion and kind invitation, and showed a keen interest in the natural and human environment of Yantai. The two parties agreed that after the epidemic ended, Mr. Zurabu led a team to inspect the development zone and personally designed sculptures with the theme of development zone elements.
Currently, Shandong Zhenyang International Trade Co., Ltd. is gradually advancing this project.