Import Service

Medicine, food, new energy, industrial raw materials and other products.

Import agency service advantage



Provide professional services such as document preparation, document review, and pre-classification to create efficient customs clearance efficiency. Cooperate with various professional customs declaration enterprises to greatly increase the speed of customs declaration and inspection for imported products.


Inspection and quarantine

At present, the standards and scales of commodity inspection departments for each type of goods are not uniform. Our company has professional inspection personnel throughout the year who regularly summarize data. According to your actual situation, we will give the most professional advice and inspection plan.



Provide users with a personalized import payment model and diversified foreign exchange services.

Service Process

1. Preliminary preparation

Determine the transaction method with foreign company, sign sales contracts, and apply for various import licenses.

2. Import of goods

Prepare customs clearance materials, declare to the customs, import customs declaration, three inspections, tax payment, customs inspection, and release.

3. Follow-up work

Customer maintenance, quality claims and other after-sales services