To provide government investment departments and Chinese and foreign investors with practical and highly operational investment information and targeted investment analysis services.

Build a bridge between the fast-growing China and other countries in the world to accurately communicate various information in the investment field from social, economic, cultural and other aspects, and promote the global economic integration and the transnational and trans-regional economy Cooperation. Provide a "one-stop" overall service plan for investment promotion, and work with them to pursue a harmonious and healthy development mode.
Shandong Zhenyang International Trade Co., Ltd. focuses on government investment service platform. Relying on strategic partners such as local governments, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, research institutes, investment institutions, alliances and associations, solve the high-quality allocation of local government investment and global investment resources through big data precision investment promotion and project promotion. The business covers entrusted investment promotion, project evaluation, strategic consulting, investment site selection, international investment promotion, business training, conferences and exhibitions, etc.
Relying on big data and artificial intelligence technology, integrating and analyzing industrial data resources, tapping the target enterprises and talents of regional leading industries, and accurately reaching them, promoting the introduction of investment projects and full-process management, innovating the ways of attracting investment and improving the efficiency of investment promotion system. Solve the difficulties and obstacles of enterprises "going out", helping domestic and foreign enterprises to set up corporate offices overseas, docking outstanding project resources, and providing a good environment such as occupancy services and resource sharing to help enterprises develop rapidly.
Our company will continue to enhance its core competitiveness, strive to learn advanced knowledge of the industry, abide by industry norms, and be rooted in the development of the business service industry.