Logistics Services

Zhenyang International Trade Co., Ltd. follows the rapid development of the domestic logistics industry and has business cooperation with many well-known logistics and freight companies, and colleagues understand the logistics needs of various industries. Provide customers with high-quality services for various cargo transportation, handle cargo transportation insurance, and get home safely.
Positioning: We are committed to providing customers with fast, efficient and safe logistics solutions.


Fast and efficient

We ensure that products are provided where you need them, when you need them, to provide the most professional services, improve efficiency and reduce costs.



We have extensive experience in operating line feeder services worldwide and provide customized solutions to meet specific cargo needs. This allows you to release internal expertise and resources to focus on your core business.


Integrity and Security

Based on honesty and service first, we will do our best to provide logistics and warehousing services for our partners. We can tailor-made safe and secure logistics solutions for customers, assist customers in better statistics, accounting and control of logistics costs, and help customers in the supply chain Implement effective management and provide professional solutions to difficult problems.