Export Service

Export comprehensive service advantage


Low cost procurement

Identify, participate, develop and approve new sources of supply on a global scale.


Supplier rationalization

According to your needs and key standards, lock the most suitable suppliers to provide more competitive pricing.


Business assurance and risk control

Safety assurance includes the quality of goods and after-sales service, etc., to control risks throughout the process to ensure successful transactions.

Shandong Zhenyang International Trade Co., Ltd. exports to more than 11 countries in the world, covering the fields of pharmaceutical chemicals, machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials, etc., with an annual export value of more than 70 million US dollars.
Shandong Zhenyang International Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the most experienced foreign trade companies in the world. We have more effective and focused supplier management. Based on the annual purchase of tens of millions of dollars of products, we have a good interaction with suppliers. Therefore, we can consistently provide competitive prices, world-class performance and industry-leading customer service levels. You can benefit from our excellent supply chain expertise and professional world-class system, which can control the quality and after-sales of goods, making supplier management easier and more cost-effective. Our supplier management approach enables our customers to improve the effectiveness of their supply chain and reduce costs.